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We help remove and reinstall Solar Panels

When dealing with solar panels, we know how expensive and high maintenance solar panels can get. We also know that maintaining solar panels can make a big difference in how much energy your home is receiving naturally during the day. Electrical Options can help hook up and clean your homes solar panels to operate at peak efficiency.

If your roof is needing minor repairs and you need your solar panels to be uninstalled and placed somewhere securely, we can help you out! If you’re moving and want to take the panels to your new home, we can help you disconnect your solar panels securely. 

Whatever the reason, installing and removing solar panels can be very delicate. To avoid breakage or incorrect reinstallations that can negatively impact system performance or cause a fire hazard, it’s always best to have a qualified solar installer manage the job. 

At Electrical Options, our solar services are just as outstanding as our original installations. We follow strict safety procedures designed to protect your investment and ensure system performance. Regardless of whether we installed your solar system originally, when you choose Electrical Options, you can be confident that your panels are in good hands. 

Electrical Options removal and reinstallation process. 

If you would like Electrical Options to provide a free estimate for your solar panel removal and reinstallation project, contact us directly at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or complete the form below.


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